Email Hosting with Spam Filtering

Take control of your email with the included SpamAssassin email filtering tool. Customize & configure your email accounts with
Autoresponders, Mail Forwarders, Email Aliases and Mailing Lists.

Powerful, Easy to use Control Panel

Every account comes with access to cPanel. This easy to use interface allows you to have complete control over your website and email accounts.

Secure, Ultra Reliable Hosting

We use reliable, modern hardware and software to help ensure that your data is on the most secure, stable infrastructure that we can provide.

Website Design & Website Updates

If your website needs some updating, we’ve got you covered. We are able to perform updates quickly, on a low per-hour rate. We can work with you to develop a brand new website as well.

Email Hosting with Spam Filtering

Email Hosting with Spam Filtering



Email Accounts

The Email Accounts feature of your control panel is invaluable if you are hosting email for yourself and other users.

You have the ability to create your own email accounts, manage their usage, set and change passwords, set forwarders and aliases, filters and auto responders.
The Webmail feature means you can view your email from anywhere through a browser. The SpamAssasin and filters will help you in controlling unwanted emails.

envelopThrough cPanel a website owner can:

  • Create new email accounts
  • Change passwords on existing accounts
  • Change mailbox size
  • Access the email’s webmail portal
  • Auto-Configure the local email client for Outlook
  • Delete email accounts

Spam Filtering with SpamAssasin

SpamAssassin is a powerful tool that automatically searches through email for signs of spam. As many website owners can attest to, spam is one of the most troubling part of hosting email accounts.

Through the simple point and click interface Spam Assassin can:

  • Enable SpamAssassin
  • Enable Auto-Delete Spam (This sets the number of filters a message hits before marked as spam)
  • Disable Auto-Delete Spam
  • Configure SpamAssassin:
    • Whitelist
    • Blacklist
    • Set score ratings on different filters

Powerful, Easy to use Control Panel

Powerful, Easy to use Control Panel




Our fully integrated control panel includes the following features:


Email Management

Add, remove, and manage your email accounts right from your control panel.

 Complete Usage Details

Everything you need to know about your website disc space usage and email capacity is listed right in your control panel.

 Website Traffic Monitoring

Knowing who visits your website can be extremely helpful to you as a business. cPanel includes features that allow you to monitor your site traffic.

 Powerful SEO Tools

You have access to several SEO tools to help drive traffic to your site. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which will help your site rank higher in search results and ultimately drive more visitors to your site.

 FREE Website Builder

You can use our built-in auto installer to access the FREE site builder that is included with your hosting package to create your own site.

 Enhanced Security

Every account includes our enhanced security and firewall services which further protects both your website and yourself.

Secure, Ultra Reliable Hosting

Secure, Ultra Reliable Hosting



There is a good chance that your website and your email may be the backbone of your business. We recognize that in today’s world having your website up and running and your email functioning properly is essential to business success.

We use reliable, modern hardware and software to help ensure that your data is on the most secure & stable infrastructure that we can provide.

Website Design & Website Updates

Website Design & Website Updates

The look and design of your website is the single most important aspect of your web presence.

When prospective customers come to your site, first impressions are all you have. A good website design is key and a properly developed site will allow your visitors to find you more effectively.

If you just need web site updates, we can help you with that too.

Just let us know what you need, and we will get right back with you on pricing.
*Webpage updates run $75 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.



wordpressWhy WordPress?

The WordPress platform allows us to build you a powerful, responsive, website that can easily be updated, modified, and upgraded when needed. It is a widely used platform with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).



Your Site Can Grow With You
Your WordPress site can grow with you. You can easily upgrade it for new features and security.  You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality (add a shopping cart, adjust your search engine optimization settings, add a store finder, etc.)

star_dark_smallPlugins Give You More Functionality
Plugins allow you to add photo galleries, contact forms, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more.  There’s a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins (think App Store for WordPress).

star_dark_smallBackups and Security
WordPress is very easy to backup and it offer’s updates to ensure your site is safe and secure .

star_dark_smallResponsive Designs
The websites we build are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to the screen size or device that a user is viewing your website on,  such as iPhones and iPads. Responsive web design also known as RWD provides optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. In the past, a website designed for a standard computer monitor may not have displayed properly when viewing it on a mobile device. We design your site so that it can accommodate desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This will save you development time, since you will not need to have a separate ‘mobile version’ of your site designed and it also will reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.

Ultra High End Security Measures like SSL Certificates, Back Ups, etc.

agtwhsap-01In order for us at Superior Host to provide the highest level of security protection for our clients, the possible safeguards against threats start with new customer identity checks and includes code reviews, careful monitoring, regular updates to the most recent versions, as well as high end, top-level server hardening techniques. Such dedication to security helps us to provide a stable, secure framework, retain our best customers, and attract new ones.

This has to be a team effort as well, though. We utilize the best people and technology to protect us and our clients from possible external threats. We also provide regular site scanning and update alerts to our clients to make sure they are aware of any coding and plug ins on their websites that require updates. Outdated code usually has vulnerabilities in them that could open the door for cyber attacks and malicious code to be inserted.

So, not only will we do all we can to keep our servers and your hosting account safe, we will also help our clients to close vulnerabilities and solve any issues with their websites, to make sure their sites are safe with us.


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