How does it work?

Unfiltered Email comes to your domain and Email address along with the good email that you want to read which fill up your inbox and waste your time deleting SPAM, Viruses, or Phishing attempts.

A simple upgrade of your account puts the Professional Spam Filtering service to work for you.

The spam email is put into a “quarantine viewer” so that there is no chance of ever losing ‘good’ Email.  In the unlikely event that a good message is blocked by the Professional Spam Filtering Service, it can be viewed in either the included shared quarantine or optional individual quarantine viewers and processed accordingly. All Email is archived for 30 days at no additional charge to ensure you have ample time to review and manage your Email for your domain.

GOOD email is delivered to your domain without delay and the spam email is captured (quarantined) by the Professional Spam Filtering Service!